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Ways we can collaborate

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Customized Workshops and Event Strategy

For organizations and events: live experience design strategy and professional facilitation to accelerate ideation and collaboration.  

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For events, retreats, and trainings: a movement meditation practice to get out of the head and into the body. Think meditation + exercise + party + catharsis all in one. 


Private Programs

For individuals: customized programs to develop your group facilitation and leadership capacities. One-on-One strategic conversations to develop new event programs and drive community engagement.

Daniela is a gifted strategist, coach and facilitator. She is a world bridger and knows how to approach any audience at their level and make them feel safe and comfortable, as well as being able to gently guide them towards the edge of their comfort zone. Her work is creative, embodied, well-designed and innovative. Daniela is a rare combination of intellectual and embodied, strategic and intuitive, logical and spontaneous.
— Jenny Saur-Klein, Founder, The Culture Conference
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