Working with Daniela and Schuyler was a refreshing experience that brought powerful insight and new familiarity with the audience we are trying to reach. They led the project with empathy, focusing on understanding the root of their client’s needs first. Working through their process of embodied research helped to change our perspective on how we should be communicating and interacting with our audience. Their unique capabilities and approach can be a great asset when applied to any number of challenges.
— Stuart Kennedy, Miami, The Miami Foundation

Daniela knows exactly how to adapt her teaching and facilitation to any environment. She guided us through a fun energizer and movement workshop at our startup weekend, and customized the entire experience for us to our topic (saving the bees). She did a great job of reading our diverse audience, and tailored the exercise to get everyone into their bodies, while simultaneously educating about the topic. I’ve seen other movement workshops, and have never experienced anything this unique, customized, and effective.
— Dima Kozlov, Co-Founder, Maverick NEXT

Daniela is a world class facilitator. At our personal and professional development retreat for 70 women-led startups, Daniela led participants through profound experiences that helped them understand how to grow their businesses and feel more joy in their lives.
— Narkis Alon, Co-Founder, Elevation Academy

Daniela’s unique ability to tap into the genius of the body has helped so many – including myself – break through what’s been holding them back from living their most authentic, powerful life. I could not recommend Daniela and her work enough.
— Michelle Goldblum, Co-Founder, SOUL CAMP

Working with Daniela has helped me gain clarity, both personally and professionally. I could have never reached this point on my own. Her innovative approach, which integrates the mind, body and spirit, is a great investment and leads to sustainable change. If you are a leader looking for tools to help deal with this ever changing and complex world, I strongly recommend working with Daniela.
— Tony Bond, San Francisco, Chief Innovation Officer, Great Place To Work

In our time together, I found a job that I love and the motivation to take care of myself.
— Victoria Esteve, Geneva, Switzerland, Educator

I found Daniela caring and a true cheerleader who helped me see that I had all the answers I needed inside.
— Laurel Smylie, Los Angeles, Founder, Four Letter Consulting LLC

Throughout Daniela’s program, I experienced advancement in my job and inner growth. It is now less effort to take risks and coach myself into being more at peace.
— Yuliya Kholina, San Francisco, Project Manager, BNP Paribas

As an advisor to the mind, body, and spirit, I think she is simply the best. I would recommend a program with her for anyone looking to strategically improve their daily lives and routines.
— Siena K, New York City, Marketing Director