You are an accomplished leader with big ideas. With constant demands for your attention, you are overwhelmed with choices. You have important work to bring to the world and these questions keep you up at night:

With so much going on, how do I make it all happen? With all these opportunities, what is the “right” path? How do I balance what I think is expected of me versus go for what I really want?

Over the past 7 years, I’ve worked one-on-one with 150+ leaders, impact investors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs from 30+ countries. As a thought-partner, we focus on important decisions that affect your business and life. Making choices is at the heart of what both gets us stuck and what enables us to move forward. Coaching provides the tools, systems and accountability to help you access your own answers and trust your choices.

Coaching has three pillars:


Purpose Strategy

You are guided to create your own Manifesto: a personal map for success with your 360 lifestyle assessment, values, vision, mission, purpose, resources and objectives.

Experience Design

Design key areas of your life. Be held accountable. Level up your productivity and well-being. Learn dozens of tools for greater fulfillment and ease in choice-making.


Community Architecture

Cultivate your capacity as a community leader. Build muscles for collaboration, clear communication, empathy, intuition, embodied leadership and decision-making.


I work with only a few coaching clients at a time. If you’re inspired to invest in yourself as a leader —

What clients say:

I began the program stuck in my learning curve in life and work. Through the program, I found my courage, bravery, strength, fun, curiosity, grace, and creativity. The tools and the support helped me pull through on my goals I set out for in my Manifesto in May. By December, everything  was accomplished and more.
— Josja Van Der Mas, Global Culture and Learning Experience Manager, IKEA
Working with Daniela has helped me gain clarity, both personally and professionally. I could have never reached this point on my own. Her innovative approach, which integrates the mind, body and spirit, is a great investment and leads to sustainable change. If you are a leader looking for tools to help deal with this ever changing and complex world, I strongly recommend working with Daniela.
— Tony Bond, Chief Innovation Officer, Washington D.C., Great Place to Work
Daniela is an amazing source of wisdom. She helped me discover my beliefs and weaknesses and gave me useful techniques to turn them around. I’m grateful I did this program, it helped me take difficult decisions that have a tremendous impact on my career and quality of life.
— Benjamin Firmenich., Co-CEO, Impact Finance Management & Impact Investor