Hi. I'm Daniela. 

And my mission is to move people. 

Growing up in downtown New York City, at nine years old, I discovered a movement meditation method called 5Rhythms®.

5Rhythms® taught me to listen to my body and view life as a dance we are all constantly choreographing. 

As I got older, like many of us, I collected stories about who I should be and how I should act. I developed a hateful relationship with my body.  

In undergrad, I was in a workshop where we were asked to draw a self-portrait. I drew an image of myself with red lines and Xs everywhere. I looked at it and started crying. Through the artistic process, I realized how distorted my self-image had become.

From that point, I became fascinated with the science of transformation and studied the psychology of art & coaching in undergrad and graduate school, and continued my learning through integrative health and business coaching certifications.  

At the age of 24, I started professionally coaching and facilitating workshops within organizations -- climbing my way into a top innovation consulting firm where I worked alongside senior leaders at fortune 100 companies. 

My ego loved the early achievements, and yet I used to wake up in agony trying to lift my arms above my head or squat down to pick a pen off the floor. 

I felt like I was a ninety year old with arthritis. 

One day I was working on a rapid solutions event with an oil and gas company, and I got a call from my doctor: "You have an auto-immune disease. If you don't change your lifestyle, you won't be able to move and you'll die an early age." 

On top of that, the next week, I was fired.  

I was devastated. 

Life was catapulting me into another phase. But where? I had no clue and felt paralyzed.

Ultimately, I returned to 5Rhythms® and brought all of my pain to the dance floor. I became a certified 5Rhythms® teacher and turned my pain into my passion and my professional purpose. 

Over the past five years, I've healed my auto-immune disease, and am grateful to wake up pain free and motivated to move and do work I love. 

As a leadership coach and group facilitator, I integrate embodiment and movement to support people to reunite their bodies and minds and move their ideas into inspired action.

I no longer just focus on transformation of the mind because I've learned 10% of our thinking process is conscious, while 90% of our thinking process is unconscious.

Where does that other 90% reside? In our bodies.

My work helps people tap into 90% more of our capacity so we can become 100% more ourselves.

I've seen thousands of people on five continents light up as they discover new ways of moving.

Incorporating the body is not only fun it's also strategic -- teams at Facebook, Boeing, The United Nations, ExxonMobil, the City of Miami and dozens of companies have used my embodied methods to access critical information and tackle challenges. 

I stand for the next paradigm of business: one where we bring our whole selves forward. 

I come to you not as an expert who has figured it all out, but as an ally walking this path with you, sharing techniques and tools that have helped me and those I've worked with break through limiting patterns that have been holding us back and step into fuller versions of our selves. 

I'm committed to living a life that is in alignment with my values and supporting others to find their own unique dance in business and life.  

If you're serious about working together or learning more, reach out and I'm happy to schedule a chat.

May we all move forward together.  

With love and respect, 


Photo credit ^ Jackie Malloy & The New York Times

After working with Daniela, I’m better able to make decisions based on my needs and wants and trust myself before looking outside for answers. Now, I’m more confident in myself, my choices and my voice.
— Sara Al-Ajroush, Founder, Saudi Arabia,

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Through Daniela’s embodied focus group approach, we were able to build trust and empathy with and amongst the participants on a challenging topic which allowed for deeper insights to emerge.
— Jane Gilbert, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Miami

Professional Bio 

There’s a reason why The United Nations, Facebook, The Omega Institute, and Fortune 500 companies around the world trust Daniela to activate their leaders and teams. A leadership coach, organizational strategist, and embodiment facilitator, Daniela helps people cultivate body intelligence to enhance decision-making and creativity. Daniela is the founder of The Future of Feminine, an international program designed for visionaries to embody their innate leadership capacity. She is a certified Integrative Health Coach, certified teacher of the movement meditation practice 5Rhythms®. Daniela holds a master’s degree in intermodal arts consulting and coaching from the European Graduate School in Switzerland and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Bard College of New York.  Through her unique integration of cognitive psychology, movement art, integrative health and mindfulness, Daniela has mobilized thousands of people across five continents to experience the power of embodied decision-making.